It's easy for buyers and sellers to get in contact with each other on The Move Market.

You can shortlist properties to get updates, ask the owner any questions and make offers directly.

It makes it simple to put in an offer without any sales pressure.

As the offer is sent directly to the owner, no one other than the owner can disclose it, which means a private offer is likely to stay private*.

* The owner may chose to auction their property on The Move Market, at this point an offer may be made public.

Lowering risk

We make it easy for buyers to ask any questions (as well as see what other buyers have already asked).

With more information available about the property, buyers can make informed decisions about how much to offer.

It's costly for everyone when a sale collapses - when buyers have better information earlier in the sale process, this is less likely to happen.


Property sales can fail due to a lack of information or inaccurate information.

Our sales platform improves the chance your sale will complete successfully.

Shortlist properties

Chose which sales you want to be kept in the loop on.


Get messaged when a homeowner adds more information, answers a question or accepts an offer.

Ask questions

Ask the homeowner questions directly. Get detailed and honest answers.

See other buyer questions

Check what other buyers have asked about the property. Everyone is better informed when making their offer.

Lower risk

More information earlier in the sale process means there will be fewer surprises later in the sale.

Send offers

No other buyers or even the estate agent will be told about your offer. This means no other buyer can gain an unfair advantage.

Final offer deadlines

Don't miss out on a property again. We'll keep you informed when you need to submit your offer by.


It's completely free to ask questions, get updates and submit offers on The Move Market.

Verified people

We verify all users to lower the risk of insincere/fake offers being made. This means you're less likely to get your offer rejected due to another person behaving badly.

Better communication

We improve communication throughout the sales process - by enabling buyers and sellers to contact each other directly.

Good communication improves trust, which is vital to successfully complete the sale.


Work with buyers to give them the confidence to make you an offer.

Reject unsuitable offers to encourage buyers to submit a better price.

See buyer interest

See how many buyers are registering an interest in your sale and how they convert to offers.


Receive notifications when a buyer sends you an offer, asks you a question or withdraws an offer.

Improved completion rate

Lower the risk of your sale collapsing by providing buyers with thorough information.

Private offers

Ensure offers remain confidential. With offers delivered directly to you, no other buyer can know what other buyers have offered.

Conditional offers

Buyers can deliver customised conditions attached to their offer. This helps clarify what is to be included in their offer price.


You can chose to keep offers private or open up an auction process to get the very best price for your property.

Final offer deadlines

All buyers are reminded as your sale is coming to an end. This improves the chance they will get their offer in on time, getting you more offers and a better price.

Verified buyers

We ensure all buyers are real people. This helps to minimise the risk of insincere (fake) offers.


Answer questions once, when it suits you. No longer do you need to be interupted with phone calls at inconvenient times.

A better sales process

The Move Market is designed to make buying and selling a simpler and fairer process.

We lower the risk of insincere offers being made.

Insincere offers can stop genuine offers from being accepted. This can slow the sale process as the house yoyo's on and off the market as sales fall through.

Private offers

We stop estate agents from being able to comment on whether the asking price has been hit or even if any offers have been made.

This stops any buyer getting an unfair advantage in the sale (as they have knowledge about existing offers).

If a buyer does discover what offers have been made or even worse, the current highest offer, this is very bad for the owner and the other buyers.

The owner is likely to get a worse price for their property, and other buyers may miss out on a home that they really wanted.

No offer is too low

We encourage any offer to be made, however far off the asking price.

Owners can easily reject unsuitable offers. We notify the buyer when an offer is rejected so they know they need to improve their offer if they are still keen to buy the property.

Faster sales

With final offer deadlines, all buyers are motivated to work to the owner's timescale which speeds up the whole process.

Final offer deadlines also reduce the risk of gazumping as all buyers get reminders as the sale is coming to an end.

Buyer interest

We let owners see how much interest their property is generating and how it converts to offers.

This helps the owner know if their expectations are realistic.

Continual updates

We think buyers should be informed if an offer has been accepted and the property is no longer up for sale.

After an owner accepts an offer, we let all the other buyers that have shortlisted the property know that it is no longer on the market.

In the unfortunate event that the sale falls through, we'll notify all the buyers that it is back on the market.

This helps the owner find a new buyer quickly and gives the other buyers a second chance.

Changing estate agents

Even if the owner changes estate agents, buyers who have shortlisted a property will still be kept informed about the sale.

It's suprisingly common for an owner to switch estate agent during a property sale.

When using The Move Market, owners won't lose contact with buyers and buyers won't think they'll be kept informed only to discover that their details have been lost.