Latchmere, Wandsworth: Wandsworth 008A

How old are the people living here?

Wandsworth 008A sits within the Latchmere ward under the local district authority of Wandsworth. The roads that make up this catchment are listed at the bottom of this page.

This shows shows the ages of the people that live here (in orange) compared against the average across London (blue).

When an orange bar is above the blue bar, it means there are more people living in this area, within this age group.

If there are higher orange bars on the left if signifies a younger population reside here.

Interesting highlights

There are over 50% more people living here aged 20 to 29, when compared against London's average population.

There are significantly fewer people living here aged 10 to 19, when compared against London as a whole.

Overall, this area has a significantly higher proportion of young people in comparison with London - 76% of people living here are under the age of 45.

The average age of residents living around here is 32 years old. This is 1 year lower than in the rest of London where the average age sits at 33 years old.

In general, inner city areas show high concentrations of people aged 18-30, suburbs show larger numbers of small children and adults aged 30-50; and rural and small towns are more popular with older workers and retirees.

Many poorer areas lack a majority age group, which is due in part to the people in that area being constrained by circumstance rather than being able to choose where to retire, raise a family or grow up.

Age Wandsworth 008A London Difference
0 to 9 9.3 % 13.1 % 29 %
10 to 19 3.5 % 11.4 % 69 %
20 to 29 30.2 % 17.9 % 69 %
30 to 44 32.9 % 25.3 % 30 %
45 to 59 12.6 % 17.0 % 26 %
60 to 74 8.3 % 10.0 % 17 %
75 and over 3.2 % 5.3 % 40 %

This table shows the proportion of people that fall into each age group in this area.

Green boxes below an age group signify that this area has more people living here in this age category when compared against the wider region; conversely, red boxes show the area has fewer people of that age living here.

Families and pensioners

In this area, there are a much lower number of young children in comparison with the whole of London.

In addition to this, here 11.5% of the population are pensioners - this is 24.6% fewer pensioners when compared against the wider London region. Overall, across London, 15.3% of the population are pensioners.

What roads make up this area?

The residents of following roads fall within the catchment that make up this data set:

  • Abercrombie Street
  • Afghan Road
  • Ambrose Mews
  • Battersea Park Road
  • Cabul Road
  • Candahar Road
  • Coppock Close
  • Este Road
  • Falcon Road
  • Frere Street
  • Kerrison Road
  • Khyber Road
  • Knowsley Road
  • Latchmere Road
  • Nepaul Road
  • Patience Road
  • Plough Road
  • Poyntz Road
  • Rowena Crescent
  • Shellwood Road
  • Takhar Mews
  • Wayford Street
  • Zulu Mews

Other areas within Latchmere, Wandsworth