Latchmere, Wandsworth: Wandsworth 007A

What is the cultural background of the people living here?

Wandsworth 007A sits within the Latchmere ward under the local district authority of Wandsworth. The roads that make up this catchment are listed at the bottom of this page.

Find out where the people living here are from, their religious beliefs and how this compares against the wider region.

Born in the UK
Born outside the UK

Where were they born?

This shows where the residents were born (in orange) and is compared against the regional average across London (blue).

53.1% of people living here were born in England - this is 8.0% lower than the average for London as a whole, where 61.1% of the people were born in England.

This area has a higher proportion of residents born in countries outside of the EU (Other countries) than the wider region, with 36.0% of the residents from countries outside of the EU (Other countries), this is 9.6% more than the regional average across London, where only 26.4% of residents are from countries outside of the EU (Other countries).

Country of birth Proportion of people living here Compared to the regional average
England 53.1% 13%
Scotland 0.8% 27%
Wales 0.3% 57%
Nothern Ireland 0.0% 100%
Ireland 0.7% 57%
EU countries 9.1% 5%
Other countries 36.0% 36%

What religions do the people living here identify with?

The most common belief here is Christian, followed by Muslim (with 20.5% of the population) and No religion (with 16.4% of the population).

51.0% of the people living here are Christian - this is broadly in line with London as a whole.

Religion Proportion of people living here Compared to the regional average
Budhist 0.3% 66%
Christian 51.0% 5%
Hindu 1.2% 76%
Jewish 0.1% 94%
Muslim 20.5% 65%
Sikh 0.2% 85%
Other religion 0.5% 13%
No religion 16.4% 21%

What roads make up this area?

The residents of following roads fall within the catchment that make up this data set:

  • Darien Road
  • Ingrave Street
  • Lavender Road
  • Meyrick Road
  • Winstanley Estate
  • Winstanley Road
  • Wye Street

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