Latchmere, Wandsworth: Wandsworth 003B

How healthy are the residents that live here?

Wandsworth 003B sits within the Latchmere ward under the local district authority of Wandsworth.

This shows the health of the people living here, benchmarked against the average across the wider London region.

Healthy people
Unhealthy people

How fit and healthy are the residents in this part of Latchmere?

Overall, the UK considers itself to be healthy - 81.1% of residents rated their health as Very Good or Good.

People living here are less healthy and have a worse general health when compared against the rest of the London region as a whole.

Across London, 5.0% of people regard their health as bad. In comparison with here, 6.5% regard their health as bad, so there are more people living here that suffer from bad health.

The chart shows how people living in this area rate their health (orange) and how it compares against London average (blue).

How healthy are the people living here?

Proportion of people living here in this health category Compared against the wider region
Very good health 55.2% 9%
Good health 28.7% 14%
Fair health 9.6% 14%
Bad health 4.8% 27%
Very bad health 1.7% 41%

The larger the percentage numbers in the coloured boxes, the bigger the difference between the two areas.

A healthy area will have high numbers in green boxes under "Very good health" and "Good health", as well as high numbers in green boxes under "Bad health" and "Very bad health".

...a green box under 'Very good health' shows that more people that live in this area have very good health.

So a healthy population will have green boxes under 'very good health' and 'good health' with high percentages in them.

Green boxes are good sign as it shows that the population are healthier than the general population as a whole in this region.

Conversely, red boxes signify the population is less healthy in this area than the area we're comparing it against.

How many people have a health condition that limits their day-to-day activity?

When a person is unable to do a task that they want to do, they are regarded as having their activities limited. It is linked to mobility, capability and independence of the residents living in this area.

88.1% of people living here don't have any issues that limit their day-to-day activities - this is -0.9% worse than the wider region (London).

The people that live here of working age, have an ability to complete day-to-day activities that is largely in line with the London region as a whole.

People living here in each category Compared against the wider region
Activities not limited 88.1% 1%
Activities limited a little 6.5% 7%
Activities limited a lot 5.3% 9%

What roads make up this area?

The residents of following roads fall within the catchment that make up this data set:

  • Atherton Street
  • Battersea Park Road
  • Brougham Street
  • Brynmaer Road
  • Burns Road
  • Culvert Road
  • Freedom Street
  • Joubert Street
  • Kersley Street
  • Latchmere Road
  • Latchmere Street
  • Matthews Street
  • Odger Street
  • Reform Street
  • Roydon Close
  • Sheepcote Lane
  • St James Grove

Other areas within Latchmere, Wandsworth