Brompton & Hans Town, Kensington and Chelsea: Kensington and Chelsea 012B

What proportion of residents living here own their own home?

Kensington and Chelsea 012B sits within the Brompton & Hans Town ward under the local district authority of Kensington and Chelsea. The roads that make up this catchment are listed at the bottom of this page.

How many people rent their home in this area?

This shows the breakdown of homeownership and rental properties in the area (in orange) and is compared against the average across London (blue).

When an orange bar is above the blue bar, it shows this area has more of this type of home tenure than the average across London.

35.5% of people living here own their own home - this is 12.7% fewer people than the average for London.

This area has a higher proportion of households that are living rent free, standing at 7.2%.

Home ownership Kensington and Chelsea 012B London Difference
Owned by the occupant 35.5 % 48.3 % 26 %
Privately rented 54.7 % 25.1 % 118 %
Socially rented 2.1 % 24.1 % 91 %
Living rent free 7.2 % 1.3 % 446 %

Detailed breakdown of household tenure

The chart below shows the breakdown of residents who have paid off their mortgage, those that are still paying a mortgage, as well as those who are renting and whether that is with a private landlord or through a social housing body.

Older residents are more likely to have paid off their mortgage whilst a high student population can lead to a higher proportion of households being rented.

A property is regarded as owned outright if the owner occupier has paid off their mortgage in full. Social housing is provided to those who most need it by local authorities and charities.

A high population of young adults can lead to higher private rented accomodation since they may still be saving up for a deposit on their first home.

Home ownership Kensington and Chelsea 012B London Difference
Owned outright 25.6 % 21.1 % 21 %
Owned with a mortgage 10.0 % 27.1 % 63 %
Privately rented 54.7 % 25.1 % 118 %
Shared ownership 0.5 % 1.3 % 64 %
Socially rented from council 0.2 % 13.5 % 98 %
Socially rented (not from council) 1.9 % 10.6 % 82 %

What roads make up this area?

The residents of following roads fall within the catchment that make up this data set:

  • Beauchamp Place
  • Beaufort Gardens
  • Brompton Place
  • Brompton Road
  • Brompton Square
  • Cheval Place
  • Egerton Crescent
  • Egerton Gardens
  • Egerton Gardens Mews
  • Egerton Place
  • Egerton Terrace
  • Ennismore Street
  • Glynde Mews
  • Hans Road
  • Montpelier Street
  • Ovington Gardens
  • Ovington Mews
  • Ovington Square
  • Princes Gate
  • Princes Gate Mews
  • Rutland Mews South
  • Rutland Street
  • Walton Place
  • Walton Street
  • Yeomans Row

Other areas within Brompton & Hans Town, Kensington and Chelsea