Area information for Willow Cottages, TW9 3AT

Willow Cottages, TW9 3AT sits within the Kew ward under the local district authority of Richmond upon Thames.

What ages are the residents in this part of Kew?

Overall, this area has a significantly lower proportion of young people in comparison with London - 57% of people living here are under the age of 45.

The average age of residents living around here is 42 years old. This is 9 years more than in the rest of London where the average age sits at 33 years old.


In this area there are a much higher number of young children in comparison with the whole of London region.

How old are the people living in TW9 3AT?

Age range
Absolute difference
TW9 3AT v London
0 to 9
16 %
13 %
+3 %
+20 %
10 to 19
10 %
11 %
-1 %
-13 %
20 to 29
7 %
18 %
-11 %
-60 %
30 to 44
24 %
25 %
-1 %
-5 %
45 to 59
20 %
17 %
+3 %
+20 %
60 to 74
15 %
10 %
+5 %
+45 %
75 and over
8 %
5 %
+3 %
+54 %

What does this mean?

The green boxes show the age groups where the area around TW9 3AT has more people aged within this group.

Conversely, the red boxes show age groups where the area around TW9 3AT has less people in those ages.

The larger the percentage, the bigger the difference is between the two areas.

Interesting highlights

There are over 50% more people living here aged 75 and over, when compared against London's average population.

Less than half the number of people living here are aged 20 to 29, when compared against London as a whole.

Why are two percentages shown?

The absolute percentage shows what proportion of the residents in the area make up the local demographic.

The relative percentage shows how each age group comapares against the same age group in the comparison area - the relative percentage works as a far better indicator to let you understand how the local age population will feel if you decide to move here.

What roads make up this area?

The residents of following roads fall within the catchment that make up this data set: Bush Road, Bushwood Road, Cambridge Cottages, Cambridge Road, Defoe Avenue, Forest Road, Gloucester Road, Hanover Close, Haverfield Gardens, Kenmore Close, Kent Road, Kew Green, Kew Road, Kreisel Walk, Maze Road, Mortlake Road, Old Dock Close, Priory Road, Riverside, Thetis Terrace, Watcombe Cottages, Willow Cottages

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