Buying practices policy


We want all members of The Move Market to be able to buy and sell on The Move Market with confidence. This policy outlines the things that we don't allow The Move Market buyers to do, and we encourage sellers to report inappropriate buying behaviour.

Although we won't always take action based on a single reported breach of this policy, we will take action if we see a pattern of these buying behaviours - including breaches of related policies.

Breaches of this policy may result in a range of actions, including limits on account privileges, limits on overall buying, and account suspension.

Buying behaviours we encourage include

Buying behaviours we don't allow

Not contacting the seller after winning an auction

If you've placed a winning bid in a listing, you've signified significant intent to purchase the property. We expect you to contact the seller after winning an auction.

Send anyone on The Move Market inappropriate images including nudity, profanity, or other general content not related to a listing.

Making unreasonable demands

When you bid on or buy a property, you accept the seller's terms as set out in the listing. You're entitled to expect that the seller will do what they've said with regards to the sale process.

Unreasonable demands include:

Additional information

Although we have separate policies about each of the following behaviours, we'd like to make it clear that they are also considered unacceptable buying practices under this policy.


Your communications with sellers - via email, phone - should comply with our member-to-member contact policy.

Bid cancellations

You can retract your bids on The Move Market, however we may take action against a buyer if we see a pattern of excessive or invalid bid cancellations.

Unwelcome and malicious buying

We consider bidding on or buying a property when you have no intention of completing the transaction, or circumventing a seller's buyer requirements for buyers to be unwelcome and malicious buying.

Contact information

All members of The Move Market must keep their account details up to date. We take action when we know that a member has false or missing contact information, or if we can't contact a member because they have an invalid or dead email address.

How to report a policy breach

To report a buyer who may be breaching our policies:

Note: When we review a report of a member violating our policies, we look at all the circumstances, including the member's history. If we aren't sure about something or can't prove it with certainty, we may not take any action. Also, because we respect our members' privacy, we won't discuss the results of an investigation.

Why does The Move Market have this policy?

We work hard to make The Move Market a marketplace buyers and sellers can trust. We hold sellers on The Move Market to high standards. Our selling practices policy sets out our expectations of sellers, and we hold sellers to account when buyers report a problem with a purchase.

It's only fair that we also protect sellers from unsafe and unfair behaviour, and from buyers who try to take advantage of our protection systems.