Rules for buyers


There are rules that all The Move Market users, both buyers and sellers, need to know and follow. These rules help to protect you when you are buying and selling on The Move Market, or participating in the community.

Rules about general member conduct

Members of The Move Market cannot:

In addition to rules that apply to all members of The Move Market, The Move Market also has rules specifically about buying and selling.

When a buyer or seller issue comes up, depending on the particular situation, we may consider an individual's performance history and the specific circumstances, which can influence how we apply our rules and policies. At our discretion, we may choose to be more lenient with policy enforcement. We reserve the right to do the right thing for both buyers and sellers.

Rules about identity

Member identity is a building block of the The Move Market community. The Move Market treats member identity with great respect, and all community members are expected to do the same.

The Move Market members:

Rules about communicating with other members of The Move Market

Members of The Move Market must not send unsolicited email (spam) or email threats to other members.

Rules about The Move Market’s responsibilities

Bid cancellations

The Move Market allows buyers to easily cancel their bids.

We actively encourage buyers who have bid but have changed their mind about buying the property to cancel their bid at the earliest opportunity so that it doesn't disrupt the auction.

For further details please see our Bid cancellation policy.