Search and browse manipulation policy


For all users to get the full benefit of The Move Market, sellers should list their properties in the most effective ways possible. As general rules, sellers should:

It's against our policies to do anything that manipulates the search or browse experience. This applies to all parts of a listing (see our HTML and JavaScript policy for more information). For example, the use of superscript, subscript, or other special characters in any fields is not allowed. If a seller uses tactics that can inappropriately divert bidders and buyers to a listing, we'll take action.

Only use form input fields for the purpose that they were intended for.

Make sure your listings follow our guidelines. If they don't, some or all of your listings may be ended or not displayed in The Move Market search results. You may also be subject to a range of actions, including limits on your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.

What are the guidelines?

Providing clear and accurate details about your property helps people make informed buying decisions - and they'll know what to expect when they get their survey back and move in. So be truthful and provide complete details.

The following are not allowed:

Keyword spamming

Keyword spamming is when people use words or details that have nothing to do with their property so that their listings will show up in search results. Since this clutters The Move Market and makes buying and selling more difficult, we don't allow keyword spamming.

All the words in your listing have to be completely true and refer only to the property for sale.

Don't use keywords in any part of a listing that aren't related to the property you're selling.

Don't use words with question marks (such as 'possibly Georgian?'). If you're not sure about a detail, don't mention it at all. Doing so can be misleading.

Text and other information

When you create a listing, make sure all your text and other information are complete and consistent throughout.

You must:

You must not:

Why does The Move Market have this policy?

We want your buying and selling experience on The Move Market to be simple and safe. Our guidelines help you to create listings that won't break the rules or infringe upon other people's trademarks. When a listing has information that could mislead people or gives one seller an unfair advantage over another, we do take action. Misusing listing information can make it more difficult for buyers to find information about properties they are looking for. Make sure you follow our guidelines when you create your listings.