You no longer need to sign up to each estate agent's website just to ask a question or submit an offer.

When submitting an offer we don't think it is appropriate to request bank statements and other extremely personal financial data.

Stop sharing confidential financial statements with estate agents.

After submitting an offer, we'll confirm once the owner has received it.

How to buy property on The Move Market

Submit an offer for any property in the UK - with offers sent directly to the owner.

Verify your account

We carry out checks to make sure all buyers and sellers are real people.

Find the property you want to buy

Got the address? It's super easy to find the property you want to buy.

Ask the owner questions

It's simple to ask the owner a question and also see what other buyers have asked about the property.

Submit your offer

After finding the property you want to buy, work out what you are prepared to pay and submit your bid.

And...if you change your mind, you can easily cancel your bid.

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Property price updates

We'll keep you up-to-date on the latest property price changes.

Final offer reminders

We'll remind you when the deadline for final offers is coming up.

Back on the market

We'll let you know if the property comes back on the market.

How to sell your property on The Move Market

Take control of your property sale - don't leave the price negotiation to someone you barely know.

Find your property

Enter the address of the property you want to sell.

Upload proof of ownership

Simply photo or scan your property ownership document and once approved you'll be able to see all bids that come in for your property.

Take control of your sale

Use The Move Market to answer questions, handle offers and get the best price for your property.

Ensure your estate agent knows you want buyers to submit their offers/bids on The Move Market.

Your estate agent will still market your property and conduct viewings.

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Choice of sale types

Choose whether to keep your offers confidential or to run an open auction.

Final offer reminders

We tell all your potential buyers when you want final offers in, making sure you get the best price.

Switching estate agents?

All buyers who have made an offer can still be contacted with ease, even if you need to switch estate agents.