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SW11 2

March 2021

How much does it cost to live in SW11 2 and what can I expect to pay for a property here?

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We calculate the cost per square foot by taking a property's sale price and dividing it by the total internal floor area of the property.

You can use the cost per square foot to ensure that an asking price set by a vendor is reasonable - you can do this by multiplying the cost per square foot by the total internal floor area.

Properties that are in better condition internally, in a similar location will generally achieve a higher cost per square foot.

Postcode sector rankings

Here we show you how much properties located in SW11 2 have sold for over the past 12 months.

We've ranked all postcode sectors across the UK* so you can easily find out what to expect to pay for your next home.

The more expensive an area is, the lower the rank number will be - so rank number 1 is the most expensive area in the UK.

What's the lowest cost paid per square foot?

A property in poor condition in this area may sell for as little as £377 per square foot, whereas a property that has been improved and redecorated to a high standard can sell for as much as £1,338 per square foot here.

In addition to the property's condition influencing the cost per square foot that a home will sell for, homes with bigger gardens are also more likely to achieve a higher price per square foot than those sitting on smaller plots.

What does it cost to live here?

The average price paid for all property in SW11 2 is currently £681,301**, with the average size of property having 938 square feet.

Average Price Paid
Average internal floor area
938 square feet
Cost per square foot price range
£377 - £1,338
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When a property is in a poor state of repair, it is likely to sell more cheaply and therefore the cost per square foot is likely to be low.

If a property has been recently renovated, it will cost more per square foot than it would have done if the work hadn't been undertaken.

What is a local rank?

The local rank compares this area (SW11 2) to properties in the local region and ranks them on cost per square foot, with #1 being the most expensive within local area.

Latest sales

Property price league table

Local rank Area Average cost
per square foot
70 SW19 8 £778 View details
71 SW18 1 £769 View details
72 SW4 6 £768 View details
73 SW11 3 £768 View details
74 SW2 1 £767 View details
75 SW18 2 £758 View details
76 SW9 0 £758 View details
77 SW2 5 £755 View details
78 SW18 4 £750 View details
79 SW15 6 £742 View details
80 SW11 2 £740
81 SW4 7 £739 View details
82 SW19 3 £734 View details
83 SW2 2 £734 View details
84 SW8 2 £731 View details
85 SW15 5 £715 View details
86 SW19 1 £712 View details
87 SW20 8 £710 View details
88 SW20 0 £709 View details
89 SW17 0 £706 View details
90 SW9 6 £694 View details

* We don't rank property costs in Scotland as their property prices are not held by HM Land Registry.

How is this calculated?

Transactions are only included where the property has been recorded with HM Land Registry and we know the total internal floor area of the property (so we can calculate the cost per square foot).

We rank each area in the UK, with the most expensive area being ranked 1 (so a rank of 5 would mean that it is the 5th most expensive area in all of England, Wales and Nothern Ireland). We exclude an area from being ranked if it doesn't have sufficient data available (i.e. if there are very few sales in the area).

** This data is based on 81 property transactions recorded with HM Land Registry over the previous 12 months in this area and matched against the total internal floor area for each specific property.