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17 Halsey Street, London, Kensington And Chelsea, Greater London, SW3 2QH

17 Halsey Street, London has an unmodernised valuation of £3,870,000.

Without any home improvements having been made, we'd expect this to sell for a minimum of £3,487,698.

It last sold for £668,500 in 1996. Today, the most we would expect it to sell for without modernisation would be £4,045,604.

Automated property valuations become less accurate when home improvements have been made that we don't know about.

Any home improvements we haven't been told about will not be factored into the property's price - so this can lead to the property being undervalued.

Get an instant new valuation based on the extra information you provide to us, as well as the chance to request a free valuation by a local property expert.

Home improvements can increase a property's value significantly.

Automated valuation models

Our automated property valuations use a combination of historical sale data, property price indexes and recent sales in the surrounding area to calculate what a property is worth today.

Tell us about any home improvements so we can factor these into the property's valuation.

How does it work?

  • Tell us about any home improvements that have been made to the property.
  • Adjust the sliders to tell us what the property is like today.
  • If the property has had major refurbishment - click the 'Major renovations' tab.

Internal property condition

Windows and doors

Building works and external improvements

Single storey extension
One bedroom extension
Two bedroom extension
New outbuilding
Garden improvements
17 Halsey Street
Kensington And Chelsea
Greater London
Valuation without modernisation

Thinking of selling but still not sure what asking price to set?

We've teamed up with Yopa to get you a free property valuation by one of their local expert agents. They'll be able to independently assess the condition of your property and see how it compares against what is on the market at the moment.

Valuations are free and you are under no obligation to use their services.

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How have prices changed?

We've calculated the average price paid for property here. Using this, we can see the general price trend over time (which helps work out today's valuation).

The green line shows the average price paid for terraced houses located in postcodes starting with SW3 2.

In addition to this, we also show the lowest price and the highest price paid for property here (we remove extreme outliers like garages and castles as they distort the data).

Building your own valuation report based on other properties that have sold recently

Our automated property valuations work using the property's sale history along with recent sale data in the same road and surrounding area to work out how the price has changed over time.

Sometimes though, automated property valuations don't generate prices that are in line with current market conditions.

For example, if a property has previously been sold for less than its market value at that time (i.e. a distressed sale), this can lead to its current valuation being lower than it is really worth. An example of this is when a bank forces a sale through when a person is unable to pay their mortgage.

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Example home improvements

If the bathroom has recently been renovated, the house is more likely to sell for more money.

Our price adjustments are relative to the cost of the property, for example, for a two bed flat in Brixton, a high end bathroom may cost £6k to £8k. However, in a substantial 5 bed home in Holland Park, a bath alone could cost £20k upwards and the total cost of a refurbishing a bathroom may be well in excess of £50k.

So to justify a top quality bathroom install in a 2 bed flat, you may need to spend £6k plus (installing a towel rail, power shower, underfloor heating, extractor fan etc.) but to justify having the full increase in value for a top end bathroom in a £10m home in Kensington Park Gardens we'd expect you to have spent between £50k and £100k with a custom built bath tub amongst other bespoke products.

The more detail you give us about the property and the home improvements have been made, the more accurately we can tell you what it is worth.

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