House price data supplied by HM Land Registry

Price updates supplied by HM Land Registry

Deprivation index

The deprivation index is produced by the UK Government and includes a broad range of measures to rank each area in the UK - these include income, employment, education, health, crime, barriers to housing and services and living environment.

It is important to note that a high ranking does not indicate affluence.

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Our aim to make it easier to work out how much a property is worth.

By utilising HM Land Registry data we're able to provide deep insights into how property prices have changed over time to better predict what a property is worth today.

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Accuracy of the data

We try to make sure that our data is accurate but cannot guarantee that it is free from errors or fit for your purpose. Reports will not necessarily be up to date with the most recent information.

HM Land Registry have only just started releasing commercial transactions.

Sales that have not been lodged with HM Land Registry or sales that were not for full market value are excluded.