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Copley Lane is in the Harewood ward of Leeds, West Yorkshire.

The highest sale price recorded in LS25 3ED is for £1,050,000.

Total sales
Only 1 property has sold over the last 10 years in LS25 3ED.
Last sale price
The last sale in LS25 3ED was for £1,050,000 in November, 2017.
Property types
100% of property sold in LS25 3ED were detached houses.

Happiness index

The happiness index uses a broad range of measures to rank what it is like to live in this area.

It takes into account income, employment, education, health, crime, housing and living environment.

Lotherton Park Farmhouse, Copley Lane, Aberford, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS25 3ED
Full sale history
Freehold detached house
6 bedrooms

Property sales in LS25 3ED

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