Parkgate Road is in the St Mary's Park ward of Wandsworth, Inner London - West.

The most expensive property that has sold in Parkgate Road, SW11 4NW was for £370,000.

Total sales
Only 1 property has sold over the last 10 years in SW11 4NW.
Last sale price
The last sale in SW11 4NW was for £370,000 in April, 2013.
Property types
80% of property sold in SW11 4NW are flats.

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Additional postcodes
There are 6 postcodes in Parkgate Road. This page only relates to SW11 4NW.

Property sales in SW11 4NW

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38 Parkgate Road, London, Wandsworth, Greater London, SW11 4NW
Flat Leasehold
22 Parkgate Road, London, Wandsworth, Greater London, SW11 4NW
Flat Leasehold
28 Parkgate Road, London, Wandsworth, Greater London, SW11 4NW
Flat Leasehold 3 bedroom
32 Parkgate Road, London, Wandsworth, Greater London, SW11 4NW
Terraced house Leasehold 3 bedroom
30 Parkgate Road, London, Wandsworth, Greater London, SW11 4NW
Flat Leasehold
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