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13 Hasker Street, London, Kensington And Chelsea, Greater London, SW3 2LE
3 bedrooms
Terraced house
Today's price
Last sold: March 2016 @ £2,975,000
Investment rating

The property didn't turn out to be a great investment for the previous owner.

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Last updated: 3 days ago

How much has this property changed in price since it was last sold?

13 Hasker Street, London is a 3 bedroom freehold terraced house - it is ranked as the 12th most expensive property in SW3 2LE, with a valuation of £3,151,000.

Since it last sold in March 2016 for £2,975,000, its value has increased by £176,000. You can refine the property valuation to take account of any home improvements by clicking here.

Sale history

13 Hasker Street, London has 3 transactions recorded with HM Land Registry - its market value today is £3,151,000.

The current owner bought the property in March 2016 for £2,975,000 and has lived here for 5 years.

Date Price Change
Today's value £3,151,000 £176,000 5.9%
31 Mar 2016 £2,975,000 £550,000 22.7%
10 Nov 2009 £2,425,000 £1,325,000 120.5%
10 Jun 2002 £1,100,000 -

Since the current owner purchased the property, its value has increased by £176,000 (5.9%).

This valuation doesn't take account of any home improvements - see below for a fully refurbished valuation.

Latest sale analysis

Investment rating:

The previous owner bought this property for £2,425,000 in November 2009 and sold it for £2,975,000 in March 2016.

They owned the property for 6 years before selling it.

During this time, the price rose by £550,000 (22.7%), which equates to it increasing in value by 3.2% each year.

The property didn't turn out to be a great investment for the previous owner.

Property price rank
Ranked 12th out of 21 on price in SW3 2LE

We've compared this property to all the other properties in SW3 2LE* and calculate that this property is the 12th most expensive property in this postcode.

Estimated price
Compared to average: -15%

This property is 15% less expensive than average in this postcode.

There have been 13 sales in this postcode over the last ten years - the most recent property sold for £3,000,000.

The price that this house will sell for will be partly determined by how quickly the owner wants to sell, as well as the buyer's desire for this particular property.

If the owner is keen to move quickly, they are more likely to sell at the lower end of this valuation (£2,924,000). This valuation range assumes that no home improvements have been carried out since the owner purchased the property.

Cost per square foot
Against benchmark: -£503
The average cost per square foot (CPSF) in SW3 2LE is £2,577.
The CPSF for this property is based on it having 1,519 square feet of habitable space and a valuation of £3,151,000.
We'd expect most properties here to have a CPSF between £2,190 and £2,963.
Valuation review


When a home is renovated, the price that a buyer is typically prepared to pay will increase.

Fully refurbished valuation

Low end expectation
Higher end potential
If 13 Hasker Street, London was previously purchased in a poor condition and then fully refurbished throughout, we would expect it to sit within a new price range starting at £3,363,000 and possibly fetching upto £3,810,000.
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What are the other properties worth?
1 Hasker Street, London £2,453,000 (-8%)
35 Hasker Street, London £3,106,000 (-9%)
3 Hasker Street, London £3,146,000 (+8%)
49 Hasker Street, London £3,217,000 (+7%)
31 Hasker Street, London £3,763,000 (+14%)
Property price range - SW3 2LE
  • Lower end property: £2.316M
  • Average property: £3.689M
  • Higher end property: £13.888M
All sales in SW3 2LE

13 Hasker Street, London valued at £3,151,000 is the 12th most expensive property in SW3 2LE. If this property sold today, we estimate that it would most likely sell for £3,151,000 and sit within a price band ranging between £2,924,000 and £3,313,000.

At a market value of £3,151,000 and having 1519 square feet of internal floor space, this property today is valued at £2,074 per square foot. On this basis, this property is 20% less expensive than the average for SW3 2LE (which stands at £2,577 per square foot in today's market).

The most expensive property in SW3 2LE is valued at £13,888,000 in today's market whilst the cheapest is worth £2,316,000 - the average market value for properties here today is £3,688,810.

If the property was previously purchased in a bad state of repair, making home improvements throughout could increase its sale price to £3,810,000.

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* Excluding properties that we've been unable to calculate a valuation for.

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