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Last sold: June 2019
Property type: Leasehold flat
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Last updated: 01/10/2020
Property price rank
Ranked 2nd out of 4 on price in SW3 1PR

Flat 3, 26 Beaufort Gardens is a leasehold flat - it is ranked as the 2nd most expensive property in SW3 1PR, with a valuation of £3,311,000.

Since it was last sold in June 2019, its value has increased by £986,000. You can refine the property valuation to take account of any home improvements by clicking here.

Recent sales

There have been 1 sales in this postcode over the last ten years. The three most recent sales were for £2,325,000 in June 2019, £330,000 in February 1997 and £200,000 in May 1996.

See how prices have changed here, as well as the ages of residents living here, their health and their employment category.

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Flat 3, 26 Beaufort Gardens valued at £3,311,000 is the 2nd most expensive property in SW3 1PR.

Flats in SW3 1 have increased in price by 47.4% over the last 5 years.

See the breakdown of home owners versus those who rent their homes (both privately and through social housing) in this area.

Property price band

£2,359,000 - £5,162,000
20.9% confidence
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If this property was put on the market today, we estimate that it will sell for between £2,359,000 and £5,162,000 with a confidence of 20.9%.
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Sales summary

Flat 3, 26 Beaufort Gardens has 2 sales recorded against it. It is a mid-range property in SW3 1PR, valued at £3,311,000.

Property prices in SW3 1PR
  • Lower end: £1,805,000
  • Average: £3,084,750
  • Higher end: £4,785,000

The cheapest property in SW3 1PR would sell for £1,805,000 in today's market whilst the most expensive property is worth £4,785,000.

How is this calculated?

Key facts

This is the 2nd most expensive property in SW3 1PR
It's a leasehold flat
1 flats have sold in SW3 1PR over the last 10 years
The average property price in SW3 1PR is £3,084,750
This property has sold 2 times in the last 25 years
Valuation: £4,785,000
Last sold: 2009
Flat 7, 26 Beaufort Gardens
Flat Leasehold
Most expensive property in SW3 1PR
Valuation: £3,311,000
Last sold: 2019
Flat 3, 26 Beaufort Gardens
Flat Leasehold
2nd most expensive property in SW3 1PR
Valuation: £2,438,000
Last sold: 1997
Flat 4, 26 Beaufort Gardens
Flat Leasehold
3rd most expensive property in SW3 1PR
Valuation: £1,805,000
Last sold: 1996
Flat 5, 26 Beaufort Gardens
Flat Leasehold
4th most expensive property in SW3 1PR

Latest sale investment analysis

Sold price
25 June, 2019
Investment rating
Price change
Annualized price change

The owners bought this property for £415,000 in March 1996 and sold it for £2,325,000 in June 2019.

They owned the property for 23 years before selling it.

During this time, the price rose by £1,910,000 (460.2%), which equates to it increasing in value by 7.7% each year.

The property turned out to be a good investment for the owner.

Property valuation details

Flat 3, 26 Beaufort Gardens is a leasehold flat, that last sold for £2,325,000 in June, 2019.

It has sold 2 times since 1995 - the current owner's have lived here for 1 year and 3 months.

Expected sale price
  • Minimum: £2,358,501
  • Expected: £3,311,000
  • Maximum: £5,162,416
If the owner is keen to sell quickly they are more likely to realise the lower end of this valuation.
Valuation not what you expected?

If the owner has made home improvements you can refine the valuation by clicking the button below.

This property is:

  • 7% more expensive than the average property in SW3 1PR, which stands at £3,084,750.
  • now worth £986,000 (42%) more than when it was purchased in June 2019.

If this property sold today, we estimate that it would sell for £3,311,000 and sit within a price band ranging between £2,358,501 and £5,162,416.

Please note, as this property has previously been sold on a lease, if the owner has renewed the lease, the value of the property could be significantly higher.

How does this property compare against other local properties?

The chart shows the sales history for Flat 3, 26 Beaufort Gardens and how it compares against other properties that have sold nearby.

Today, the upper price boundary that flats encounter is £4,950,000.

Whilst at the lower end of the market, flats are available from £380,000.

Over the last 5 years, 117 flats have sold in this area (SW3 1).

During this time the average price has risen by 47.4%.

See how all property sales in this postcode have changed over time.

What is a price boundary?

Full sale history

Flat 3, 26 Beaufort Gardens has sold 2 times over the last 25 years.

Over the last 3 years, flats in this area have risen in price by 85%.
Sale date Sale price Price change
25 June 2019 £2,325,000 460.2 %
26 March 1996 £415,000 -
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